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Technical Features

Thermal Balance

The fabric wicks moisture away from the skin efficiently by evaporation, this helps regulate body temperature. Therefore help in keeping you warm when the weather is cold and keeping you cool in the heat. This helps to improve performance and recovery.

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Water Repellent

The outer shell of the garment is a barrier to rainwater preventing it from penetrating the fabric surface, increasing the time before the garment “wets out”, allowing the wearer to stay drier and more comfortable for longer.

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Access Zip

Enables easy access for garment embellishment, ideal for teamsport club badges, logos and numbers.

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Waterproof Breathable

Microporous PU coating on the reverse of the outer shell allows moisture vapour to pass easily from the inside of the garment through to the outside whilst preventing rainwater from penetrating the fabric, enhancing levels of comfort.

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All fabrics must be fit for purpose, but not at the expense of specialist care instructions – all fabrics can be machined washed on a regular basis.

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Wind Resistant

2 and 3 layer fabrics specifically designed to be weather proof, keeping you warm when you most need it.

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Taped Seams

To further enhance the performance of waterproof fabric, high frequency welded tapes are applied to the inside seams of the garment.

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Quick Dry

An additional process is applied to the fabric during dyeing which allows the fabric to evaporate moisture away from your skin keeping you cool and dry.

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